Ivanka Trump Gets The BEST Revenge On Nordstrom… This Just Happened


The Sweet Smell of Success

Photo Credit: theperfumegirl.com

You just can’t keep a good woman down. Especially if that woman is Ivanka Trump. And the harder people push her to quit the harder she works to win. She obviously gets that quality from her father.

Several major retailers, like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, began cutting ties with Ivanka over the last month. While most of them claim is was it only a “business decision,” it was clear to Ivanka’s supporters that it is more likely about political pressure.

Given that these decisions were made shortly after President Trump imposed a strict travel ban and vowed to crack down on illegal immigration, it would seem they are right. But despite the efforts of left-wing bully groups like “grabyourwallet.org,” Ivanka is succeeding.

Her clothing line is selling like hotcakes through independent retailers on EBay. And her perfume line is now a top-seller on Amazon. Her women’s Eau de Parfum spray and roll-on fragrance occupied the two top spots on Amazon this past week.

Photo Credit: footwearnews.com

The alluring scent has been described as a feminine floral that represents “style and grace.” That seems a fitting description for a perfume designed to represent the first daughter’s image. But her opponents shouldn’t be fooled.

Behind her beauty and sophistication lies a woman that is…

Tough as Nails

Photo Credit: pinkmanhattan.blogspot.com

Through a company spokesperson, Ivanka issued an epic response to Nordstrom. It was a message that doubled as a stark warning to her detractors:

“We are proud to say that the Ivanka Trump brand continues to embody the principles upon which it was founded.”

Her perfume sales are also indicative of the loyalty she has inspired among those that support her and her father. A group of people as unwilling to relent as she is. Much like her perfume sales, Ivanka continues to soar.

The only question now is- just how high will this star rise?

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