“Con Man”

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It is incredibly painful to watch an irrelevant musician try to reinvent their career by pandering to liberal haters. It’s even worse when that musician, Bruce Springsteen, is a guy who built his brand as a patriotic American. Now he spends his time trashing his country on the world stage. 

Springsteen joined washed-up 70s rocker, Joe Gruchesky, on a new duet titled “That’s What Makes Us Great.” And as you can imagine, they were all about the Trump-bashing in the song. Springsteen made it a point to sing the two verses directly aimed at President Trump:

Don’t tell me a lie
And sell it as a fact
I’ve been down that road before
And I ain’t goin’ back

And don’t you brag to me
That you never read a book
I never put my faith
In a con man and his crooks

As expected, the chorus was laced with the typical liberal feel good lines about how “love can conquer hate” and “that’s what makes us great.” One has to wonder when exactly will “love” conquer his obvious hate towards Donald Trump?

Maybe when he stops vacationing with…

Barack and Michelle Obama

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Springsteen was seen on vacation with the Obamas in Tahiti recently, which could certainly explain why he despises President Trump. Obama has done everything he can, minus holding a protest sign himself, to trash the new president and his agenda. And let’s face it, his old pal Bruce is the perfect little follower.

Springsteen also campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the presidential election, playing at her final rally in Philadelphia the night before election day. It must have been quite the sight to watch two aging cheats prop each other up with hateful rhetoric. Thankfully for us, Hillary wasn’t “Born To Run,” at least for the Oval office that is.

Clinton is now pedaling shoes for Katy Perry, and Springsteen hasn’t had a hit in 30 years. Perhaps they should team-up for a new greatest hits album? We think a perfect title would be “Failed In The U.S.A.”

That’s an album we could really get behind. That is if it was a free download.




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