8 Family Keepsake Items That Make The Best Gifts For Grandchildren


A keepsake can be something old or new. What counts is what it is and who you are giving it to. What should you consider when giving your most valuable and intentional gifts to your grandkids?

keepsake gifts to grandkids

Many of us remember the family Bible. Our grandmothers painstakingly scribed each birth, marriage, and date of death within its front pages and carefully tucked it away. When my grandmother died, we found the family Bible housed in a fragrant, cedar box made especially for that sacred book. It went to her eldest child. 

My mother-in-law designated all faith-based items to her most religious daughter. Her exquisite collection of tableware went to her daughter who cooked the most and her antique toy collection went to her son.

Although these keepsakes are heartfelt and valuable in their own right, I like to purposefully gather keepsakes for my grandchildren. And present them when I can soak up the sparkle in their eyes and hear their happy squeals.

A grandson of mine loves to collect die-cast toy cars. So I buy those for him now. One of my granddaughters fully embraces our heritage of faith. I present her with ceremonial objects used throughout the holidays. To another, I give faith-based jewelry, which she wears with pride.

My mother-in-law also left her children’s old toys, stored in her attic, to her grandchildren. I recall when she was alive that she could not part with them, yet in death, she released them in her will. Yet, not to their rightful owners– to the owner’s children.

But why wait for the will? I believe the joy of giving is a great part of living.

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