There is nothing more inspiring than hearing our grandparents share motivational quotes that enrich our lives and breed understanding. Everyone knows that in the family, grandparents have the most experience. Whenever we have problems and are in of need some guidance in life, grandpa and grandma are always there for us. This is why -to all grandparents out there- you should never cease to share your wisdom. You never know who is depending on you. Check these 5 great Japanese proverbs that you can share with the family. Inspire your adult kids and your grandkids with your relentless knowledge.     

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“Ask a question, and you feel shame for a moment. Not asking and not knowing means you will feel shame for your whole life.”

This is a very powerful proverb that teaches us never to be afraid of asking or trying. Sometimes, people are scared to ask questions because they think they’ll be humiliated. However, not asking and not knowing for the entire time is worse than being criticized for a few minutes. Tell your grandchild and adult child that it is never wrong to ask a question whenever they’re unsure. Hiding a question is typically seen in school where kids are too afraid to ask questions, leading to stunted learning simply because they were afraid to ask.

“Even monkeys can fall from their trees.”

This is a beautiful proverb that proves even professionals can make mistakes. Do not assume that since it is his or her profession, he/she will never make any mistakes. Teach your family to be more understanding and to tolerate mistakes. We are all learning all of the time and ‘our best’ on one day will not be the same as ‘our best’ on another day. Having empathy for another person’s journey through the world is the keystone of wisdom.

“When one is in love, even the scars left by smallpox are as beautiful as dimples on a person’s cheeks.”

Teach your grandkids – teenagers – that they should never rush love. And that true and lasting love is one that transforms a person’s flaws into marks of the unique path that they have walked to become their best selves. Most kids these days are rushing things and making a mockery of relationships. The moment that children discover new defects, they get disappointed and quit. Real, devoted love, is like the proverb; if you are truly in love, you’ll see flaws as a part of a grand design.

“Even if a sword is only required once in a lifetime, it should be worn all the time.”

This proverb talks about preparation. As grandparents, help your family practice being prepared in all aspects of their life, where possible. The simplest place to begin is disaster survival. Although it’s unlikely your plan will be put into practice, it’s always better to have a plan you never use than need a plan and be too distracted to come up with one. Candles, flashlights, emergency food and water, and a first-aid kit are a great starting place and often come in handy more frequently than you expect. When it comes to blizzards, floods, and earthquakes, prolonged power outages that will take weeks to fix are quite common. And in emergencies where 9-1-1 is overwhelmed, if someone in the family is wounded severely, a first aid kit can save lives.

Did we leave one out?

What words of wisdom has your family passed down? How did you get your children and grandchildren to listen? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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