We’re people; it’s natural to judge. It’s part of the human experience. Working towards acceptance of others is essential to inner peace and happiness. But then again, how we perceive others is a reflection of how we see ourselves.

Also, the labels you give to people tells you how you judge the world. If you see yourself as too fat, or too thin, to snobby or too weak, then you are essentially telling yourself, you judge the world on these standards.

How Judgement Works

There are always dualities that we can judge with. Here is an even deeper reason as to why judgment is such a harmful action. As human beings we have neurons in our brain. Some of these neurons are called mirroring neurons. Mirroring neurons are constantly trying to match what they see.

Also, these mirroring neurons have no concept of identity. They don’t see you, this person and that person. They just see a person. They can’t tell the difference between you or someone else basically. So when you judge someone else, you are literally judging yourself as far as the mirroring neurons are concerned.

self-acceptance_omtimes-750x400Until you truly accept other people, you can never truly accept yourself. And until you truly accept yourself, you can never truly accept other people. It works both ways. It’s important you understand that no one is above anyone else.

There are no people in this world with special powers. Everyone is equal, created from the same source energy. Celebrities, homeless people, and the guy who works at the gas station all have the same opportunities in life. The difference comes in belief within yourself.

Why Judgement Hurts You

Judgement causes a separation. An us and them style of thinking. But when you accept yourself, you accept the world as one. And you accept yourself as part of that one. Self acceptance is the key to success as well.

When you can accept your limitations, you accept your failures. When you accept that you are human and allowed to fail, there is suddenly a relief. Only then can you go forward after your dreams without the fear of failing.

Acceptance allows you to appreciate your faults, your mistakes and your failures. You learn to truly love who you are as you are. Working on self acceptance takes a lot of healing work. Healing your inner child, positive affirmations and meditation will help you love and accept yourself more.

An affirmation that works great is, “I Accept myself, I love all parts of me, unconditionally as I am right now.”

Say that information five times a session, three times a day. When it really hits you, you’ll likely break down and cry. This is the first step towards self acceptance and love. At the same time, make sure to take time for yourself every day.

In time, you’ll learn that you are perfectly imperfect just the way you are. And when that happens, you’ll learn everyone else is too. Namaste my brothers and sisters.

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