4 Ways Pokémon GO Can Benefit Your Business



Social Media is a platform most businesses use to promote sales. Instagramming that cup of tea you’ve had or how great your local coffee shop’s drinks are is a form of promotion for that shop. Tech-savvy business owners make the most out of all available platforms to get free (or cheap) advertisement and Pokémon GO should not be ignored especially since it is one of the most popular mobile games to come out. Pokémon GO can do a lot for your business just by looking at the sheer size of its playerbase and how it lures in everyone, from kids to grandparents, Pokémon GO attracts all of them. If you’re still not convinced that Pokémon GO can help your business, here are 4 ideas that will get Pokémon Go players to flock to your shop.

Request for a Pokéstop (Once It’s Available)

Before we continue, do note that Niantic isn’t yet entertaining  requests for Pokéstops as of the time of this writing, maybe once Pokémon GO gets out of the beta phase. Pokéstops are important in-game locations to Pokémon GO players, they get items from Pokéstops especially Pokéballs which let them catch Pokémon. With a Pokéstop on or near your establishment, Pokémon GO players will naturally flock to your business.


Host Lure Parties

Quick, what’s the fastest way to get Pokémon GO players to gather? If you thought Lures, then you’re correct. Using a Lure Module on a Pokéstops in range of your business will be sure to attract players, used in conjunction with point #1, your business could get a lot of Pokémon GO players as regulars, especially when hanging out at your place lets them play Pokémon GO. Be wary though as using a lot of lure will cost you real money but asking the Niantic staff for deals you can make will be very helpful towards minimizing costs.


Use Promos

Any promo you can think of to entice new patrons, especially Pokémon-themed ones will be very helpful. Free drink promos with social media posts are very helpful in getting the word out for your establishment.  You can also ask people to spread the word just by being active in social media or even Pokémon GO forums so locals can be aware of your establishment and your support towards Pokémon GO players.

Just Free Wi-Fi

Promotions using Pokémon GO can be a little apprehensive, just using the basic freebie of Wi-Fi for any paying customer is a tried and true tactic for a lot of establishments. If you’re cautious about using Pokémon GO to advertise to or entice patrons, this method can be used to gauge how many potential customers you can get if you increase the number of your promotions. It’s your choice if you want to dip in and test the waters of Pokémon GO patrons first or dive-in headfirst to get as many Pokémon GO players as you can immediately.