Latest Pokémon GO Update: v0.39.0(Android) or v1.9.0(iOS)



On Sept 22, 2016, Pokémon GO released a new update, the update released statement from Niantic:


Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 for iOS devices. Below are some release notes and comments from our development team.

  • Capture location: The location where a Pokémon was caught will now be displayed on their information screen.

  • Pokémon GO Plus and Incense: Trainers can attempt to capture Pokémon they encounter from using Incense with the Pokémon GO Plus accessory.

  • Minor bug fixes

We appreciate your continued support and have some exciting features and changes coming soon.”

What this update brings is a little more functionality to Pokémon GO and I’ll be  breaking down the information for you.

Capture Location

Starting from when you’ve patched your Pokémon GO (0.39.0 or 1.9.0), all captured Pokémon will have a location stamp just above the date captured tag, below  your Pokémon’s moves. The tag will consist of the general area (city or locale) followed by the country. One of the speculations on this feature is to easily detect more cheaters, players who capture Pokémon with very different location tags in a short amount of time, will be suspected of cheating and using GPS-spoofing programs and can be banned permanently.



A pretty straight forward feature. Players who use the incense together with their Pokémon GO Plus accessory can now capture Pokémon spawned by the incense without opening the app on their smartphone. This works only for the Pokémon spawned by the incense, not for Pokémon normally encountered or any Pokémon spawned by Pokéstops with Lure Modules.


Bugs Fixes and Quality of Life (QoL) Updates

The update didn’t just contain the Capture Location and Incense Plus features, but various bug fixes and QoL update too. To quote from, these are:

Fixed a bug that caused some users to get stuck on the loading screen, even after restarting the app
Fixed a bug where the camera sometimes moved at slow speeds during battle
Lowered the Settings & Tips icons so they can be pressed when the red error bar is displayed
Altered the animation when powering up a Pokémon
Altered the wait time required between making attacks in gyms


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