Blake Shelton and Jimmy FallonBlake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon eating sushi, Shelton’s first time (photo from Twitter)

Prepare to belly laugh.

Old friends Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon met up with a cow so Shelton could pay back the TV host. Do you remember back in May of this year when Shelton visited Fallon and tried sushi for the first time? Well, he wasn’t a huge fan of that. Although Jimmy did surprise him at the end…

Watch Jimmy Fallon introduce Blake Shelton to sushi

So Shelton invited Fallon to do something he’d never done before — milk a cow.

The country singer came back to “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” — actually, the two met at what looked like a farm.

“I’m here with my pal Blake Shelton,” Jimmy says. “We’re at Riverdale Stables here in New York. Now Blake, the last time you were on the show, I made you do something you’ve never done before—try sushi.”

“Yes, I’m still having nightmares about that,” Blake said.

“Being the nice guy that I am, I thought I’d give you a chance for some payback,” Jimmy says. “You’re going to make me do something I’ve never done before—milk a cow.”

And that’s when Shelton introduces Jimmy to Oreo the cow. Jimmy, always the showman, is dressed like “Woody from Toy Story,” as Shelton put it. Shelton then teaches Jimmy how to milk a cow. But it’s not like any other cow-milking lesson…ever. Jimmy and Blake are both funny guys, always with something witty to say. The video clip, to say the least, is pretty darn funny.

Watch Blake Shelton teach Jimmy Fallon how to milk a cow

Is it squeeze and twist? Or is it push and squeeze? I don’t know — only cow-milking experts like Blake would know. As he showed Jimmy the best technique, the TV host couldn’t keep from laughing and cracking jokes (as was Blake too).

Eventually, though, they reached success (or some form of it anyway). 

Blake Shelton’s funny one-liners

As one of the coaches on The Voice, Shelton has a platform to say essentially whatever he wants. And he seems to use it to make people laugh. Here are some pretty funny (and ridiculous) things he’s said one The Voice.

Shelton calls Adam Levine “one of the ugliest people on Earth”…multiple times.

He lays out six words that should never, ever be in any country song, ever.

And here are some funny Blake Shelton tweets…

Too drunk to drive: “I’ve officially drank too much to drive today. Which means I’m ready to host a live television show tonight.”

Blake Shelton

I believe this is a compliment: “Although @ChrisYoungMusic looks like a reporter from Dateline in his picture yall need to check out ‘I’m Coming Over.’”

Blake Shelton

Do you need more Blake Shelton hilarity? 

Make sure to check out the most ridiculous things he’s said while on The Voice. Here are a couple examples that show his ignorance, whether faked or for real:

On not knowing species of birds:

“Is Emo one of those big birds? Almost like an ostrich?”

A moment of narcissism:

“I didn’t know what y’all were singing about, but I’m pretty sure it was about me.”

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