CNN, or Clinton News Network as we affectionately call it, is the most liberal news station in the history of media. They consistently label Donald Trump and his supporters as racist and misogynistic. Now it looks like they are getting a dose of their own medicine.

This is just the beginning of their trouble.

Why Is CNN So Popular?

American’s are interested in reading news that matters. Stories informing them about important issues like national security, immigration, and jobs. Propaganda is not what savvy people tune in for. Socialist progressives, however, who have an affinity for lies and exaggeration, love the hype.

CNN and others, appeal to the masses of sheep who take their medicine like good little kiddies. Most are swallowing the Kool-Aid, having no idea why it’s being served. But we know.

Mainstream media is the Marxist arm of the D.C. indoctrination machine.

You can count on the fact that whatever they accuse their opponents of doing, liberals are the ones actually doing it. Like racism, for example.

Some People Never Learn

This isn’t CNN‘s first time on the hypocrisy merry-go-round. A $50-million-dollar discrimination suit was previously filed by CNN producer DeWayne Walker, alleging racial discrimination — against the wolf-crying news agency.

Now, employees are once again filing a similar lawsuit against CNN and parent company, Turner Broadcasting. The new class-action suit contends that minority males are grossly underpaid and under-represented in upper management positions.

The lawsuit tells stories about “abuses of power, revenge, discrimination, and retaliation,” according to attorney Daniel Meachum. One section of the lawsuit alleges that CNN and Turner officials knew and did nothing about the hostile working atmosphere.

Claims of prejudicial biases such as, “It’s hard to work with blacks,” and derogatory racial comments like, “Who would be worth more? Black slaves from times past, or new slaves?” permeate the documents filed on December 6th.

You can read the entire complaint here

More Trouble Ahead

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CNN has stayed quite busy hiding their dubious actions and beliefs. The best way to avoid plucking the needle from their own eye, has been to shove needles into the eyes of their opponents.

Controversial CNN commentator, Van Jones, stirred up his own trouble. Turns out the anti-white, anti-Trump activist is behind the “faithless elector” push. Jones’ public relations firm is representing several electors who are defecting from Trump.

One of these defectors is Texas elector, Chris Suprun. Suprun recently made headlines of his own, after his op-ed piece appeared in the New York Times.

Looks like CNN is about to learn the hard way, “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” They should probably hold their racist rocks as well. 

Are you happy to see CNN get the justice they deserve?

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