You Better Grab This Duck Dynasty Merchandise Before It’s Gone FOREVER…


Duck Dynasty Merchandise

Fans are rushing to stores, and filling online shopping carts, to scoop up Duck Dynasty merchandise before the show ends. The final episode of DD will air in April, and you’ll want to grab these items before then.

The Miss Priss Duck Call

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The A&E Network expected outdoorsmen and hunters to love Duck Dynasty. What they didn’t expect was how many women would become fans of the show. This Miss Priss duck call was built with the lady duck hunter in mind.

Uncle Si’s Tea Cups

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True Duck Dynasty fans can recognize Uncle Si’s famous tea cup from a mile away. Grab these from Amazon and sip from them while watching the last episode of DD in April.

Red Neck Wisdom Board Game

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This game will test your trivia knowledge on all things Robertson family. It’s interactive, and a fun way to get the entire family involved on game night. Will you be able to choose real Duck Dynasty quotes from fake ones?

Camouflage Beanie

Duck Dynasty Camo Beanie
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This one is pretty self-explanatory. Wear this beanie-beard duo and look just like your favorite DD cast members. There’s no better way to celebrate the series finale.

Uncle Si Chia Pet

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This item is for the truly dedicated Duck Dynasty fan. Nothing screams devotion like having an Uncle Si Chia pet on your kitchen counter. We love that his beard is the part that grows. 

Would you buy any of this Duck Dynasty merchandise? Are you excited, or sad, for the Duck Dynasty series finale?

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