6Christian values are at the heart of this nation. 

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They are good guideposts for your life. And Jessica Robertson, wife of Jep, says cable TV needs a dose of Christianity.

Jessica says more shows should be like Duck Dynasty — they should be Christian.

“The more Christian shows out there, the more good influence we have, the better,” she told Christianity Today. “Jesus is doing so much in their lives, and for them to do that—it’s not an easy thing to do. You’re giving away a huge portion of your time and your life. You have to know it’s not just a 9-to-5 job. It is somewhat of a sacrifice, but God has a plan and he has something bigger.”

And His plan involves love, family, and servitude — all Christian values.

“One thing I encourage people is that it’s not all on you,” she continued. “It takes a village, and I think you need to put your children around other Christian people because when you’re not there or your eyes are not on your children, you know that they’re enforcing the same rules and the same guidelines that you have.”

She trusts her family to support her and Jep in their parenting, saying that if she were to leave her kids with one of the other Duck Dynasty wives, they’ll keep the kids in line. I know that they’re not going to let them get away with anything, and they’re going to enforce good values for them.

“I know that they’re not going to let them get away with anything, and they’re going to enforce good values for them,” Jessica said.

And how do Jep and Jessica encourage those good values at home?


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  • froglips7846

    AMEN Jessica, Always have loved Duck Dynasty…So sad you are going, for the Country needs more shows like Duck Dynasty, than all these stupid sitcoms, talk shows, & nasty, evil talking so called singer/entertainers, as they call themselves, just pure filth…THANKS AGAIN FOR DUCK DYNASTY!!!!

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