With less than two weeks to go, the anticipation for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere could not be higher. Of course, the biggest part of that anticipation is trying to figure out who Negan killed at the end of last season.

The intense final scene of the Season 6 finale followed the Walking Dead comics almost to the letter. (Minus a whole lot of f-words from Negan, unfortunately.) With that in mind, we all expected that Negan would be bludgeoning someone to death with his baseball bat, which is Lucille. Producers threw us for a loop, though, by ending the episode with a cliffhanger. Now, fans have been left agonizing over the victim’s identity for months.

A Preview of What’s to Come

At New York Comic Con last weekend, producers released a new clip from the upcoming season premiere. It takes place just after Negan’s brutal assault. Rick is still on his knees, blood splattered across his face. Every since the clip was released, fans have been scrutinizing it for clues.

First, the angle of the blood splatter narrows the list of Negan’s potential victims. The blood splatter comes from Rick’s right side. Therefore, it’s easy to reason that everyone on Rick’s left is safe. That means Eugene, Carl, Sasha, and Aaron should be spared. Those that could be killed include Abraham, Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, and Michonne.

At the end of the clip, after Negan drags Rick back to his RV, the camera closes in on a mess of gore and skull fragments from the murdered cast member. Using the high definition version of the clip on YouTube, fans have been raking through this gory scene for additional clues.

The Ring and the Pocket Watch

First, fans spotted what appeared to be an engagement ring among the blood and gore. That led to speculation that Maggie could be the one to meet an unfortunate end.

Then, others theorized that the engagement ring could actually be a pocket watch. If you recall, Hershel gave his pocket watch to Glenn. It was meant as something of a blessing for Glenn to look over Hershel’s daughter.

The question remains, though: why would an engagement ring or a pocket watch be up among a pool of skull fragments? In Maggie’s case, it could be that she held her hands up to deflect Negan’s blows. For Glenn, it’s possible he pulled out the pocket watch as a silent signal to Maggie that he was still watching over her. If he still had it in his hands when Negan attacked, he also could’ve been protecting his head.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Of course, there’s always another possibility: it’s not a pocket watch or an engagement ring. In a puddle of blood and skull fragments, perhaps the mystery object is just that: another skull fragment.

In the Walking Dead comic book, it was indeed Glenn who met his end at Negan’s hands. Producers are known for changing death scenes around on the show, though. Nonetheless, there were several hints and clues about Glenn dying during the lead-up to the Season 7 finale.

We’ll find out for sure who Negan killed when The Walking Dead returns on October 23. In the meantime, take a look at the preview clip yourself and see what you think:

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