Both Willie and Phil Robertson have been very vocal about their affiliation with the “Trump Train.” Many expected them to be quite vocal on election day.  Instead, the Robertson family sent a surprising message to their fans.

Boss Hog Wife Stays Bi-Partisan

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Korie Robertson refers to herself as the “Boss Hog wife,” on her Instagram account.  And on November 8th, Election day, she had a bipartisan message for her followers.  Korie described her voting experience as calm and reassuring.  She mentioned she was grateful for the ability to vote in a free country.  She also admitted to having the same nerves many Americans felt on this day.  “I’ve got to admit, I thought I would feel heavy, the weight of the day, the stress of all of the debating and prayers leading up to this day,” The Duck Wife proclaimed.  


God has his Hand In Everything

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Korie went on to say, “but instead I left with a sense thankfulness for our right to vote, pride in our country, and most importantly with the knowledge that God is on his throne and whatever happens today or tomorrow or the next day will never change that.”  Many Christian role models have been expressing these same sentiments; People don’t need to fear the results.  God will be in control no matter what.  This message sticks closely to the Duck Dynasty brand of faith and family.

The First Time Voter

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19-year-old Sadie Robertson voted for the first time on Election Day.  Previously Sadie had stated her support for Trump, following in her father’s footsteps.  However, today Sadie’s post was short sweet and to the point.  Instead of trying to persuade her many followers one way or another she simply said, “Please,” with a photo that read “Vote As You Please, But Please Vote.” 




Cole Robertson’s First Vote Is Cast

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Missy Robertson posted to Instagram that she, Jase Robertson, and Cole Robertson had all gone to the poles together.  Once again, followers were shocked when no proclamation for a candidate was made.  Instead, Miss simply put, “Voted alongside this first-timer today! Proud to be Americans and passing this right down to the next generation. #GeauxVote” as her caption.  We assume “this first-timer” is referring to Cole and not Jase!  



photo by @missyduckwife via instagram.comphoto by @missyduckwife via

Missy also posted a picture with the quote, “Blessed is the Country Whose God is the Lord,” which is Psalm 33:12.  She also begged, “Please Lord, Give America another chance!”  This prayer seems to have a bit of a desperate tone.  Perhaps Missy is feeling the same sense of urgency many Americans have been feeling this election season.

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