Maggie Tells Daryl Not To Blame Himself

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC During Season 7, Daryl Dixon was completely devastated about the loss of Glenn Rhee. Despite the fact that Negan, a madman, killed Glenn, Daryl felt responsible for the death since he jumped up to attack Negan for killing Abraham.

This, of course, led us to the touching scene between Maggie and Daryl Dixon, while they were hiding in a cellar during a Savior raid (Maggie was supposed to be dead and Daryl had escaped).

Despite the fact that Maggie immediately forgave Daryl, showing us what a great leader she will be, it’s possible that he’ll still dwell on the death.

Vengeful Daryl Murders Fat Joey

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This scene happened because Daryl had been captured by the Saviors and forced to live in isolation. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also being tortured with repetitive music (a CIA device) and fed dog food sandwiches.

During his moments of silence, Daryl lived in his mind and likely thought about Glenn’s death over and over again. When he finally did have the chance to escape, he immediately murdered Fat Joey, stating that all Saviors were evil.

Daryl Dixon is full of regret and thoughts of revenge, but that could hurt him in the long run as we enter the next season.

Will Daryl Be Too Angry To Think Clearly?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

If Daryl Dixon is too angry, he could make mistakes and get himself killed. Last season, if Daryl or Rick had thought more about the Heapsters, they may have concluded sooner that the group can’t be trusted.

Instead, they dove in, with all eyes on vengeance and they paid the ultimate price. Rick almost lost Carl Grimes due to his arrogance and lack of attention. Next season, they’re going to have to think harder.

It’s likely both Rick and Daryl will still have trouble sleeping at night. Glenn and Abraham have been killed, but they also lost Olivia and Spencer, plus a few other casualties in the recent Savior attack on the Safe Zone

If Rick and Daryl aren’t careful, their grief over Glenn could cost them much more.

Do you think Daryl can use his vengeance for the right reasons?

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