How likely do you think it is that someone would try to steal something from a grizzly looking gun-carrying Robertson? My guess is 0 percent.

Phil Robertson usually only hunts animals, but one time he almost shot a human (source: “No one ever tries to mug us — ever,” Jase Robertson said. “They look at us and say, ‘No, it’s not worth it.’”

But “never” is not exactly accurate. There was that one time some guy tried to mug Phil Robertson. 

Several years ago, Phil and his sons went to Idaho to hunt. They were staying in a motel when, at about 3 a.m., they heard a rustling outside of their door — the doorknob began to turn.

Someone was trying to break in!

But Phil wasn’t going to let that happen. His paternal instincts kicked in and he awoke to face the intruder.

“My dad sat up with his long beard, wearing his tighty-whiteys and his gun,” Jase explained. 

You see, Phil is comfortable with guns. His first firearm was a Browing A-5 16-gauge, passed down through his four older brothers before him. It’s with that gun that he shot his first ducks.

So when he grabbed his gun in that dark motel room wearing only his underwear, this wasn’t… 

Strange territory for Phil.

Source: The Huffington Post

“He leaned over, grabbed the gun and then the guy opened the door,” Jase said. “My dad said, ‘Wrong room!’”

The would-be robber flung his hands in the air in fear. Like a scared dog with its tail between its legs, the man back away.

“He turned into a crawfish and started to back out,” Jase said. “He backed up about 250 yards into the parking lot.”

And that’s what happens when you mess with a Robertson. You get a gun in your face and a threatening look. Don’t ever try to rob one of ’em.

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