Season 7 Premier of the Walking Dead With the second half of Season 7 of The Walking Dead still several weeks out, many fans are getting desperate for their fix of the Undead.

Luckily, several great films released in the last decade, allowing us to get our entertainment fix until our favorite show starts back up. You may have seen some of the movie titles I’m sharing, maybe all of them, possibly.

But for true dead fans, these flicks are all good enough to be watched once, twice, three times or more. A couple on my list are also not your typical zombie movies — they have a different style of humor and cinematography, compared to others.

In any case, watching these, along with stream binging past The Walking Dead seasons, should keep you entertained long enough until February 12th, when the show finally resumes. Until then, let’s review that list…

 Zombieland – Including a Cameo by Bill Murray

Source Credit: Deadline

Witty, funny and highly entertaining, this is not a typical, hack and slash zombie movie. Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin are really the ones who make the movie. It’s a great film from beginning to end and a nice variation with a great sense of humor throughout.

Dawn of the Dead — A Classic

Source Credit: Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead is more reminiscent of older zombie movies like Day of the Dead.

It’s definitely a lot more intense to watch than Zombieland, but humor is not its focus — whatsoever. This movie really is as gruesome as it gets. Plus, Dawn of the Dead has one of the coolest, most entertaining intros starting the film off. The beginning of the movie really sets the stage.

But the next films turned our expectations of zombie movies upside down…

28 Days Later — Changing Zombie Movies Forever

Source Credit: Zombie Pop

28 Days Later, as well as 28 Weeks Later, were both released in the UK prior to showing in the United States.

They changed the entire concept of how zombies operated, by giving them super human strength, agility, and speed. Definitely, two of the creepiest zombie movies to date. Both of these films took the novelty idea out of experiencing a real zombie apocalypse. After watching them, I thought, “Hell no.”

Shaun of the Dead — Horror Funny?

Season 7 Premier of the Walking Dead

Shaun of the Dead is another film brought to us from our friends across the pond, and is entirely different from every other zombie film created. It’s quite possibly one of the funniest films to date, plus it’s in the horror genre.

Imagine what the world would be like, infested by zombies, only people realized that slow moving idiots were not that hard to take out. Shaun attacks zombies with all sorts of instruments of death, most of them you would find laying around your house. If you want to prepare for the apocalypse, you don’t want to miss this one. 

And finally, my last pick is something of a different animal all together…

Warm Bodies – Calling All Romantics

Source Credit: BlackPlume

Warm Bodies is the only zombie romance film to date — that I know of.

The film is well done with a cool concept for a storyline. Definitely something you would want to watch with a date, as it shows the truth behind the saying, “Love will always find a way.”

I hope you like my five, must-watch zombie movie picks, (actually six if you include the sequel to 28 Days Later). These should keep you busy for the next few weeks, while you wait for the final half of The Walking Dead‘s Season 7 to air.

Also, if you think I left off some good zombie movies, by all means, let me know your faves.

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