Differences Between Comic And Television

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In AMC’s adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, some things are different than the original comic book. This means that some characters follow different storylines than their comic counterparts.

One such example would be Denise’s death, when she was shot with the arrow by Dwight, which actually happened to Abraham in the comic. Another would be Rick and Andrea are together, rather than Michonne, but Andrea died on the show.

In the comic, many of Michonne’s relationships ended in death.

Michonne’s Comic Book Storyline

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Comic Book writes:

“Michonne is now in love with Rick, we’ve seen that grow over this past season. Their relationship was completely absent from the comic series because it was actually Andrea who fell in love with Rick in Alexandria, not Michonne.”

“Instead, Michonne had multiple love stories, each ending in the character’s death. First, it was Tyreese. After meeting in the prison, the two quickly hit it off. They dated each other for a long time in the books, but it all came crashing down when The Governor used Michonne’s sword to kill Tyreese. Next, she fell for Morgan.”

It’s possible that Carol will follow Michonne’s comic book storyline. In the comic, it took forever for King Ezekiel to get Michonne to loosen up to him, which is a lot like the relationship between Carol and the King on AMC.

The King And Carol’s Connection

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Many believe, that if Carol finds love in Season 8, it will complete her story arc. She began as a battered wife and after the loss of her daughter, she eventually became a much stronger character – on the of the strongest on the show.

Now, if she finds love with King Ezekiel, which she’s been avoiding throughout Season 7, a kind person like the King will completely evolve her character. Many fans are still hoping for Carol and Daryl to end up together, but the King may be a better fit for this new story.

Do you think the King and Carol will give love a chance?

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