Chandler Riggs Discusses The Many Judiths On Set

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Back in Season 7, actor Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) discussed why Baby Judith was rarely seen on set. Basically, beyond child labor laws, it’s pretty difficult to work with a baby, which is why Judith has grown up rather quickly on the show.

In order to play the daughter of Rick Grimes, several little girls had to audition and a ton of them were actually casted. So far, there have been sixteen little girls to play the part of Judith and the number actually comes from eight sets of twins.

With twins, the series can swap out crying babies without changing the scene.

Eight Pairs Of Twins So Far…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book reports:

“Baby Judith has been played by eight pairs of twins over the years since she was born into The Walking Dead. The crew will swap the babies out of the scenes and replace them quite frequently, which Riggs has joked about in previous interviews, saying he will get attached to certain babies on set but can’t allow himself to because they’re so quickly replaced!”

“Some seasons uses multiple sets of twins while more recent seasons have made a pair last much longer as Judith grows up before the world’s eyes. Season 3 saw Baby Judith being brought into the world of The Walking Dead. Lori birthed her and Shane’s daughter, who would go on to be raised by Rick, on the floor of a prison before bowing out of the show herself.”

Judith, Meet Judith…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The first two babies to play her were Adelaide and Eliza Cornwell, but their uncle also played a Woodbury survivor on the show. Other young actresses to play Judith include Loudyn and Leighton Case, Tinsley and Anniston Price (also on Stranger Things), and Eleora and Elisea DiFranco so far.

“Then came Sophia & Delia Oeland. The pair played Judith in the Season 4 finale which saw the group being rounded up into a train car at Terminus,” according to Comic Book.

Did you have any idea the show was using twins for Judith?

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