3There’s Nothing Jim Parsons Can’t Do

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Jim Parsons seems to be able to do it all. With the success of The Big Bang Theory, the world has been exposed to Jim’s utter talent and relentless work ethic. Since the show’s premiere in 2007, Jim has been able to participate in a multitude of projects that have proven his versatility as an actor. Here’s proof that Jim Parsons really can do it all.

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Let’s be honest– Sheldon is kind of a jerk. His blunt honesty is harsh. He’s obsessive compulsive to the point of insanity. He is a nag to his friends. However, despite Sheldon’s negative traits, Jim Parsons has managed to make him a lovable household name.

Fans love Sheldon, and part of that is because of Jim’s interpretation and delivery. He’s able to show us the other side of Sheldon, and instill in us a sense of compassion for this harsh character.

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While still filming TBBT, Jim was able to work on the animated film Home. He starred alongside an unlikely pairing of Rihanna and Steve Martin and proved his chops in the voice-over realm of Hollywood.

His character Oh is a lovable, yet naive alien who helps a little girl find her way back to her mother. It may be a movie for kids, but adults won’t be able to hold back the belly laughs with this one.