Reed Robertson

Reed is the clean shaven son of Jase and Missy Robertson.

For Reed, living within the Duck Dynasty and not having the humble roots his parents had, might have given him a bit of a skewed his outlook on life.

With 12 million people watching their show every week, Reed Robertson thought that he had all the answers. After all, look who he had as a family to teach him and guide him.

In his young mind he thought he had it all figured out. A cut above everyone else. You could say his fame, or his family’s fame, went to his head. He became cynical. He thought he had it all figured out.

Then before he knew it, no one really wanted to be around him. He lost all his friends.

He hit rock bottom. Thoughts of suicide began invading his mind.

Reed told, I am Second that, as silly as it sounds now, he just wanted to be invited to a party. Everyone was having fun after church there were parties and people going to the show. It seemed everyone he knew was having fun.

When he went home after church, his brother was getting ready to go to a party. The party Reed had really hoped in his heart that he would be invited to that day. But it didn’t happen.

Although being inviting to a party might seem like a small thing, for Reed it was very big. In fact you could say it was pivotal. It was then that he knew, that no one was going to invite him–because no one wanted to be around him as cynical as he was.

That was his “What am I doing? moment.

However, it wasn’t within his power to change. Instead, it fueled his anger. Not long after that he told his youth minister that he was suicidal.

Reed wrote a suicide letter. At that time, he was determined to do it. He was at his lowest.

His parents found out. Missy was devastated.

Because of the talk he and his father had that night, everything turned around. Jase told his son, “That is the most selfish thing you can do. Is to leave this world because you can’t take it.”

That statement, while it might seem harsh on the surface, was exactly what Reed needed to hear. He believed his dad was right. The words his father dared to say to him that turned him around.

That was when Reed came back to Jesus. It didn’t matter to God what he did, or what he had been through, Reed knew that he would be there and love him just the same because he died for him.

Reed was, in his words, “finally free.” Free of being cynical. All because Jesus brings relief.

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