Three Young Duck Hunters Killed In An Unsolved Case

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-27

Earlier this year, three young men were killed during a duck hunting trip.

Starett Burk (photo via Houston Chronicle)

Their bodies were found alongside their capsized boat in a Texas bay, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The three young men — Starett Burk, 25, Spencer Hall, 19, and Chris Ruckman, 18 — had launched a 17-foot, flat-bottomed boat around 4 a.m. But they never returned home.

Hours after they were expected to come home, a girlfriend of one of the men called the U.S. Coast Guard. That’s when the helicopters, an airplane, and several boats went out looking for the men.

Spencer Hall (photo via Houston Chronicle)

Authorities are not sure what caused the accident but do not suspect foul play. There were uncharacteristically strong winds that day as well as higher-than-normal see levels.

A former classmate of Hall’s, Emily Frankum, remembers him as a silly and fun person.

“He was just a good, caring person,” Emily said. “A fun person to be around.”

Ruckman, on the other hand, had planned to join the Navy.

Ruckman’s mother, Teresa, obviously is heart broken.

“Today is by far the (worst) day of my life,” Teresa wrote on Facebook. “I am now confronted with a crossroads of belief. I can choose to give in to sorrow, anger, and bitterness or I can trust that God sees and will heal and will bring joy back to my life … He’s got a perfect plan. I don’t understand it and I would like to erase this terrible accident. Nevertheless, thine will be done.”

Christian Ruckman (photo via Houston Chronicle)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these three men. Show your support by commenting some kind words below. 

Hunting always has its risks, so always take all necessary precautions, as these three men did — go with at least one other person and let someone at home know when they can expect back.

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