Mayim Bialik Just Revealed Her #1 Strangest Off-Screen Hobby


Mayim Bialik Facts

Mayim Bialik is known for breaking the mold. She certainly beats to her own drum. She has outside interests, unique qualities, and a whole lot of intellectual knowledge. This week we learned some really interesting facts about her. Some that we weren’t too sure about.

Mayim Collects Bats

photo by @missmayim via

One of the many Mayim Bialik facts we learned- She collects rubber bats. Definitely a stranger addiction, and weird hobby. Apparently Mayim is celebrating bat appreciation week, which yes, is a thing. She hashtagged #happybatweek and showed off her tiny collection of miniature bats.

Some of them are rubber, glow in the dark, or are even made of glass. Bats aren’t the only animal the TBBT actress is interested in. She admitted, “I have a thing for weird animals: naked mole rats, sloths, llamas, and… bats!” Definitely fascinating.

Mayim Doesn’t Like Disneyland

photo by @missmayim via

She may love bats, but one more fascinating fact about Mayim is that she doesn’t enjoy being in Disneyland. She recently posted this photo stating that as an introvert she felt over stimulated in Disneyland. The massive theme park left her with anxiety and longing to be home in bed. 

She said, “It is not a small world. It is a big scary world full of thousands of people all convinced this is the happiest place on earth. I don’t begrudge anyone their recreation but for this anxious human, my house sounds like the happiest place on earth right now.” That’s definitely an unpopular opinion.

Mayim Attends Comic-Con In Real Life

photo by @missmayim via

We know the TBBT characters all (except for Penny and Bernadette) love Comic-Con, but apparently Mayim loves to go in real life too. The last of the Mayim Bialik facts, Mayim enjoys attending the convention, and posted a photo sporting a Volunteer shirt from the organization. Fans might even get to spot her at this year’s festivities.

Did you know these Mayim Bialik facts?


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