Bernadette and Howard’s Baby

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Halley Wolowitz, Bernadette and Howard’s baby, was born in the 11th episode of the 10th season of Big Bang Theory. Previous to the episode, entitled The Birthday Synchronization, Halley had a tremendous impact on the show. Bernadette and Howard discussed her birth intensely, plot lines revolved around their growing family, and the TBBT characters eagerly awaited her arrival.

However, now that she’s been born it seems we won’t be seeing her any time soon, and maybe not ever. We’ve never seen an actual baby playing Halley. Her face is never shown. Sometimes cries are heard, and we know Bernadette has a hard time putting her to sleep. So why won’t we ever see an actor portray Halley? We might know the answer.

Kaley Cuoco Doesn’t Like Babies

Nothing has been officially reported, but we found this throwback video of Kaley Cuoco admitting she doesn’t like babies…on set. Could this be why Halley Wolowitz has yet to be cast? Here’s what Kaley had to say. 

Before the 9th season finale Stephen Colbert asked Kaley is she hoped she and Leonard would have their own baby on the show. She responded, “Oh I hope not, I don’t like working with kids.” She qualified, “I like kids, I just don’t want to be around them…you know babies are really tough to work with…People carry them in! They’re the biggest divas you could possibly have around.”

Clearly Kaley was kidding about the babies being divas, but it was obvious she was strong in this preference. Could Kaley’s opposition to a kid on set be the reason behind Halley’s absence? Maybe. 

Nod To Mrs. Wolowitz

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Other fans have theorized that Halley will be an off screen character as an ode to the deceased Mrs. Wolowitz. Howard’s mother was heard but never seen. So far Halley is following in her grandmother’s footsteps.

Why do you think we’ve never seen Halley Wolowitz, Bernadette and Howard’s baby.

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