The Simpsons had a 30th anniversary special air this month, and in celebration they decided to turn the classic couch-gag into something a bit more “geek-y.” They used the famous Big Bang Theory theme song to start the segment.

The Simpsons Steal The Big Bang Theory Theme Song

True Big Bang Theory  fans probably know the famous theme song by heart. The Barenaked Ladies wrote sang and played the song specifically for the show. But how did such a great jingle come about?

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The creators of Big Bang, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady were at a Barenaked Ladies concert when the lead singer decided to do a little improve about a book he had been reading- The History of the World. They immediately knew they had to have something like this for their show.

The Barenaked Ladies really wanted to write the song, but they’d been asked to do theme songs before and then let down. They were worried it would happen again. Chuck assured them they were the only band they were asking, and the rest is history.

For The Simpson’s 30th Anniversary Special the writers decided to make a spoof off of their fellow successful comedy series. The Simpsons’ version went like this:

“The whole FOX network was in a hot, dense state

Then nearly 14 billion years ago, they began a TV show.

Bart tried to sell his soul, Lisa turned to vegetables,

Grampa started fighting bulls, Springfield built a wall, The Who played on the top.”

Big Bang Theory Parodies

Over the years there have been many Big Bang Theory parodies, much like The Simpsons. For example, someone made this “Big Bang League” trailer with the Big Bang Theory characters. 

People love this show so much, and there are so many fandoms it brings together. We wonder how many Simpsons fans watch both The Simpsons and Big Bang religiously.

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