The Top 8 Most Badass Weapons On The Walking Dead Ranked


Back when actors like Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford) were saying that Fear and The Walking Dead would never crossover, his reasoning went to weapons and characters. Basically, the weapons and characters on The Walking Dead are more like superheroes’ than civilians’.

All of that is about to change.

Weapons might include protection, like Glenn Rhee and his duct tape armor. Or it could be something more obvious, like Michonne’s katana or Daryl Dixon’s crossbow. Either way, weapons are needed to survive the outbreak. At first, weapons were meant for walkers. Now, they’re meant for people too.

Let’s start with one of the more surprising weapons from Dr. Eugene Porter…

Eugene’s Fire Hose On The Walking Dead

Dr. Eugene Porter was far from intimidating when he arrived with official badasses, Abraham and Rosita. His voice is calm and his diction sometimes confusing, Then there’s the mullet, which could be intimidating if it were on Abraham. But when he had to, he was able to save his friends.

When a horde of walkers approached Glenn and Rosita, Eugene climbed on top of a fire truck and started up the fire hose. Thanks to his quick thinking, he was able to save his friends. He turned the host on the walkers and the decaying flesh eaters literally started to fall apart on the sidewalk.

Carol Peletier And Her Brass-Knuckle Knives

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s now a famous bobble-head of Carol from The Walking Dead. On the front, she’s holding a tray of cookies. On the back, she’s holding a knife. This truly portrays the two very different sides of Carol. When she’s not shooting a gun or telling someone to look at flowers, she’s got a knife nearby.

Carol is known for looking innocent, if not delicate in nature. However, she’s always got her wheels turning to take down the next victim. She started the show as an abused housewife and she’s worked hard to turn things around. Now, she’s still the peacekeeper, but rules with an iron fist.

Shane Walsh And The Shotgun

At the break of the apocalypse, Shane had the right idea to grab a shotgun. With a little extra spray, he could certainly hold back more than one walker at a time while he regrouped to take out another. Plus, if he ever had to kill a non-walker, he could easily injure someone long enough to get away.

In addition, a shotgun is a good gun even if the shooter isn’t a great shot. But Shane Walsh from The Walking Dead is an excellent shot. In order to be the threat he needed to be in this undead world, the shotgun was vital.

Merle Dixon’s Unholy Knife Arm

In terms of fighting people, Merle Dixon and his knife-arm were perhaps more of an intimidation than a realistic weapon, but it worked. However, when it came to killing walkers, the knife-arm was perfect for stabbing brains. It’s particularly an interesting choice since he had to cut off his own arm.

Most people would have given up when chained to the roof, but Merle Dixon showed what kind of man he could be. Like 127 Hours of a wolf caught in a trap, the killer redneck decided to free him, despite the cost. Plus, he could always change out the arm for a bigger knife if necessary.

Rick Grimes’ Revolver

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes and his trusty revolver are perhaps one of the more realistic weapons on The Walking Dead. Not only is this gun powerful, but it reminds Rick of his days as a Sheriff before the outbreak. If that’s not enough, it also reminds viewers that this is basically a western.

Our fearless leader walks around with a revolver strapped to his belt as if it were the Wild West with walkers. His weapon of choice if ideal for both humans and walkers (plus anything else that might show up). When Negan took his gun temporarily, it did destroy his character for a short period of time.

Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow

A bow and arrow has always felt like you had to fight away from the action. In movies like Lord of the Rings or Robin Hood, the hero feels out of sight. But with Daryl Dixon and his crossbow, he’s right there in on the action. Plus, he’s basically got unlimited ammo since he can walk up to dead walkers and retrieve the arrow.

As for humans, the weapon is less useful. Daryl Dixon really needs a knife or gun with him in addition to the crossbow. But knowing that he has a special mount on his motorcycle for the crossbow is pretty awesome. The weapon is less intimidating with Dwight since Daryl makes it his own.

Negan’s Bat, Lucille

Negan is the only character that has a name for his weapon of choice. This is because the story comes from his past and shows the truth about pre-outbreak Negan. The man was a terrible husband, who now carries the pain of the real Lucille with him each day.

In the Season 8A finale, it was clear that Negan lost his mind when Rick Grimes touched Lucille without his permission. Since this is attached to his past, it’s both a great intimidating weapon and a weakness. Either way, he’s the most powerful person on the show when he has his weapon in hand.

Michonne’s Katana

Among the many choices for weapons on The Walking Dead, Michonne and her katana are likely the most badass option. Not only is she carrying a sword, but she knows how to expertly use it. Before her opponent can blink an eye, she can stab or slice off a limb, head, or torso.

When Michonne first arrived on the scene, her katana, hood, and double-walker entourage were a force to be reckoned with. There isn’t another weapon on the show that can take down Michonne when it comes to useful, hand-to-hand combat.

Honorable mention goes to the Governor’s tank. Which of these is your favorite weapon on The Walking Dead?

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