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The Big Bang Theory features scientists who sometimes have trouble getting the girl.  While they each have their own story, Howard’s is particularly unique.  The self-proclaimed ladies’ man of the bunch, he has different methods for scoring with the ladies.  Here is how to pick up a woman according to Howard.

Always have a Great Pick-up Line

Before Howard met Bernadette, we consistently see him coming up with new pick-up lines.  If there is one thing we learn from Howard, it is that a good pick-up line works every time.  Except when it doesn’t.  Unfortunately for Howard his lines always seem to have the opposite effect when he uses them.

When faced with Summer Glau on a train, Howard comes up with a pick-up line.  Raj steals it before Howard can try it and is successful while Howard looks on.  Now that is a success!

Dress for Success!

howardHoward dressed brightly to attract interest of the ladies by

Peacocking is the act of dressing up in a bright and stand-out fashion in order to attract attention.  The name comes, of course, from the peacock bird which is brightly colored and exuberant.  Looking at Howard’s dress, we see this concept reflected.  His bright pants make him stand out in the crowd and pull eyes.  The snazzy belt buckles he sports are designed to start a conversation.  His button-down shirts are just dressy enough to indicate he has class but casual enough to indicate style.

Be in Sync

howardPenny does not fall for Howard’s moves by

One of the many methods of attracting female attention.  Mimicking her actions to catch her eye.  This is supposed to indicate that you are in sync with the opposite sex.  Obviously, this means that the two of you are meant for one another!  Unless of course you scare her away before she sticks around long enough to notice.  You should have used a better pick-up line! 

What do you think of Howard’s Pick-up Methods?

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