DID YOU CATCH THIS? Jim Parsons Got Sick On His Wedding Night- Might Have Partied A Little Too Hard

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-18

Jim Parsons wed his partner of over 14 years, Todd Spiewak, in May at the Rainbow Room in NYC. Now the star is admitting it was the most fun he’s had in a LONG time…and maybe even a bit too much fun.

Jim Parsons’ Wedding

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak exchanged vows in front of friends and family and promised each other forever last May at the Rainbow Room in NYC. The pair wore matching Tom Ford suits, changed for the reception, and appeared to have the time of their lives.

Mayim Bialik recalled that the ceremony was private and quiet. Everyone in the room was focused on the happy couple. The Big Bang Theory actress said, “What a wedding. Not a cell phone in sight. Everyone was so present which sounds pretentious but it was truly powerful for us all to just want to be there fully.”

It seems Jim Parsons had the time of his life. He said of the day, “It was fantastic … much more fun than I thought it would be…I wasn’t too nervous, [it was] just a lot to organize and I thought, ‘Well, this will be sort of fun … Let’s get through this,’ then it was all fun.”

Maybe Too Much Fun

Jim might have had a little too much fun on his big night. The star said, “It was the latest I stayed up in many years… I’ll be honest with you — I’m still paying for it. I got a cold, I was at the doctor earlier and got antibiotics.” Sounds like the wedding was a success. If Jim really did get sick from it, he must have partied hard–and really put all his energy into the big day. It’s sort of sweet if you think about it.

We hope that Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons have a happy future together, and wish them all the best.

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