Sweet On-Screen Love (And Real Life Couples) From The Walking Dead


Aside from the mass murders and undead roamers, The Walking Dead still manages to have quite a few romances on the series. Currently, the main love stories revolve around Rick Grimes and Michonne and previously Glenn Rhee and Maggie, but there have been lots of love stories on the show. 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Anyone who has ever seen the show know about the romance between Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene. Glenn, a pizza boy turned zombie-slayer, befriended Rick Grimes and they took their group to a family farm for the Greene family. 

In Season 2, after Carl Grimes got shot, the gang makes their way to Hershel’s farm. Here, Glenn tries to prove himself and starts to fall for the farmer’s daughter, Maggie. She gives him the cold shoulder the majority of the time.

Soon, Glenn and Maggie head into town to find supplies for a pregnant Lori Grimes. There, in the local pharmacy, things turn physical. Perhaps Glenn’s honesty and good efforts paid off after all. At this point, Glenn is the only one who knows about Lori’s pregnancy.

Later, when Maggie offers him another roll in the hay, they discovered that the barn is full of walkers, trapped there by Hershel (Lauren Cohan still misses having Yeun and Scott Wilson on set).

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