Andrew Lincoln’s First Scenes With Jon Bernthal

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Since AMC’s The Walking Dead has just filmed their 100th episode, which an October premiere date fans and cast members are thinking back on their favorite episodes with grand nostalgia. This includes lead actor, Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes.

Lincoln can remember his first scenes, which he spoke about at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. “It was me and Jon Bernthal on that road doing the car block,” said the actor, about the first scene he ever shot.

This goes all the way back to the very first episode where Rick and Shane were Sheriff officers.

Sheriff Shootout, The Pilot Episode

Rick and Shane as Deputies

“Jon, his knee was busted, so I had to drive him around Atlanta on the way to work and I kept driving on the left-hand side of the road and then I had to get in a car with him and we had to drive at about 80 miles per hour and then stop abruptly. Jon had never sweat more in his life,” joked Lincoln.

“It was Jon Bernthal and me, terrified, trying to make sense of where we were and it was thrilling,” Lincoln confirmed. “This has been the most incredible thing in my life. It’s been the most incredible experience.”

During the scene, which was actually a flashback after Rick shot the first walker, a little girl, where Shane and Rick were pursuing a criminal.

Killing His First Walker

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes:

“The scene Lincoln is recalling was not far from the first on The Walking Dead. In fact, the first scene may have taken place only a few days or weeks later as Lincoln’s Rick gunned down the first walker the show would introduce as a little girl holding a bunny rabbit with a ripped open face approached.”

What is your favorite scene from Season 1 on The Walking Dead?

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