Daryl Finds A Handgun With Tally Marks On It

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer just hit Comic Con in San Diego and there are a lot of predictions that can be made based on the trailer, the comic book, and some other online fan prediction after Season 7 of the AMC series.

As such, as have “21 Predictions for Season 8 On The Walking Dead” based on the initial trailer from Comic Con. In one image, we see a close-up of Daryl Dixon holding a pistol with 43 tally marks etched into the gun.

Perhaps these are Daryl Dixon’s kills since the war began.

Mysteries On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Once in a while, The Walking Dead gives us a clue that can’t really be solved, similar to an episode of Lost. Two outstanding questions revolve around the episode “Swear,” where we see Tara’s mysterious tattoo and when she finds the “PPP” note.

Now, in the Season 8 trailer, Daryl Dixon is holding a gun with tally marks on it. We can tell this is Daryl based on his black pants and the star tattoo on his right hand, which Norman Reedus has in real life.

The question here is who made the tally marks?

Daryl Gathers The Walkers To Attack Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the other scenes with Daryl, we see him rounding up a herd of walkers for Rick’s group. They’re liking bringing hundreds of walkers to the Sanctuary. We also see them moving vehicles with fences attached to the vehicles. They’re either creating a wall to keep out the Saviors or to help herd the walkers in open spaces like a field.

If Daryl made this marks, it could mean he’s killed that many Saviors. Or, it’s also possible that he killed a Savior and then found this gun on the Savior. We already know that they make marks on guns, like the handgun Carl has with the etched picture of Lucille carved into it.

What do you think these marks signify for the show?

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