Since the release of Led Zeppelin‘s first album there has been question as to who actually authored the music. 

Led Zeppelin Plagarizing Controversy

When the legendary band first began in 1968 they were not unlike any band trying get their big break. Writing and re-writing so many different types of music to figure out what would be the key style for success.  In this desperate hunger is where the Led Zeppelin plagiarizing controversy has its roots as the rock legends stole more than a few lyrics and guitar riffs from other musicians with no intention of giving them credit or paying them a dime. Rock gods born from thieves who tarnished the history of one of the greatest bands we ever held as legends.

At first, the Led Zeppelin plagiarizing controversy may seem silly like those whack jobs broadcasting Elvis is still alive. Yet, this is an issue that has been following the band for decades. Following the release of the band’s first album, Led Zeppelin I, in 1969 there has been widespread doubt as to who actually wrote the record’s music. False accusations of stealing music do not last for 40 years, they have lasted because some are actually true.

Though bands often borrow and change rhythms from each other, Led Zeppelin copied things verbatim in some cases.

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are gods in their respective categories. Both musicians writing and arranging symphonies disguised as rock and roll. Except, Plant and Page used the work of early blues musicians as a way to advance the careers of their own therefore advancing the fame of Led Zeppelin. 

In some cases the music is slightly similar to the original and in others the words are exactly the same. The Led Zeppelin song “Dazed and Confused” has opening lyrics and a guitar intro that sound nearly identical to the song “Dazed and Confused” released by Jake Holmes in 1967. The band Spirit filed a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin claiming the band ripped off the opening to “Stairway to Heaven.”  

A confession of their wrongdoings displayed by settling lawsuits out of court.  The credits for  “Whole Lotta Love,” were changed to include Willie Dixon, claiming Robert Plant used lyrics from his song “You Need Love.”  “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, added singer Anne Bredon. She has been receiving royalties and back payments since 1990.”

Allowing an outsider to share credit for your song? Not a chance. Led Zeppelin plagiarized. They know they did and this is their admission of guilt.

led zeppelin

Regardless of which side of the Led Zeppelin plagiarizing controversy you may stand, this controversy can end here-they did it. One of the greatest rock bands in the history of the world lied and cheated to get ahead. Do what you have to to succeed? Not many rock icons have a plagiarism controversy follow the length of their entire careers. 

The Led Zeppelin controversy remains a hot topic of debate online, some claiming that the mighty ones did not write any of the music on Led Zeppelin I

Though, I would not go that far, there is no denying the blatant copying of some songs.  Led Zeppelin will always be one of the greatest ever, but their legacy will be tainted forever.







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