Duck Dynasty fans are relieved to know the show will continue for their eleventh season, but what can they expect from the Duck Dynasty Season 11 premiere?

Will Duck Dynasty Be Renewed for the 11th Season?

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This is the question on many fans minds. The show took a brief hiatus after its tenth season didn’t do so well in ratings. However, fans rejoice as they find out the show has in fact been renewed. The 11th season of Duck Dynasty is set to premiere on November 16th at the 9pm eastern standard time. The premiere will be followed by the highly anticipated spin-off series Going Si-ral. The spin-off is advertised as a tech-inspired how-to project hosted by everyone’s favorite Uncle, Si Robertson. Fittingly, Willie Robertson will co-host. We’re sure Si might need all the help he can get when it comes to the internet.

Season 11 Trailer- What We Know

There has been no official full-length trailer released for the eleventh season of Duck Dynasty.  However, two short video clips are on the A&E website.  When searching under the “Shows” tab, the videos are under Season 11.  They give us a glimpse into the shenanigans the new season will bring. The family is back at it with their dry humor and wholesome jokes.

Sadie Plays Barbershop 

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In one of the preview videos, we see Willie asking his small army of children whether or not he looks a bit older these days. “Do I look like Papa Phil?” he asks.  Sadie, one of the stand-out cast members of Duck Dynasty, replies that she thinks they should dye it!  Willie agrees by saying, “If ya’ll think a little less salt might make me look less like my father…” The video promptly cuts to a frame of Willie with a jet-black beard, and Sadie looking on proudly.  Korie’s smirk is all too familiar. Maybe Willie trusted Sadie’s beauty school knowledge a bit too soon.

John Luke Brings the Business Savvy

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In a separate clip from the Duck Dynasty Season 11 Premiere, John Luke presents his entrepreneur father with a business problem.  He states calmly, “So as you can see, in the winter we are not selling very many snow cones… I think it’s because it’s cold outside.”  You can’t help but laugh at his adorable logic.  John Luke is, of course, referring to the family’s snow cone stand, which was featured in previous Duck Dynasty episodes.  He then goes on to present his big idea- the introduction of soup!  John Luke thinks there should be soup served at the snow cone stand. Willie’s eye rolls provide for quite a bit of entertainment.

Uncle Si Puts in His Two Cents

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Of course, what would a Duck Dynasty premiere be without some wise words from Si Robertson?  When John Luke presents his soup idea, Si replies, “It’s revolutionary!  You heat ’em up with soup, and then look, they gotta buy more snow cones to cool them down!”  Once again, you can’t beat the logic of these Robertson boys!


We are so excited to see what else transpires in the November 16th Duck Dynasty season 11 premiere!  Will Sadie help Willie keep his beard looking young?  Will John Luke become a billionaire soup man?  Only time will tell!

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