How Eugene Destroyed Negan’s ‘Walker Guts’ Plan On The Walking Dead


In the final moments of the most recent The Walking Dead, Negan tells the Saviors a portion of a plan to attack Hilltop. Since Eugene said there would be a delay on bullets, he suggested sending walker guts over the fence. Negan took things a step further and explained using them like radioactive warfare.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On the AMC version of the show, the conclusion by the leader of the Saviors is somewhat unclear. After all, we know that characters only the show (like Michonne, Rick, and Glenn) have all covered themselves in walker guts to hide their scent. So how does this new plan potentially hurt anyone?

Presumably, Negan left off part of the plan during his explanation. They’re going to have to smother their weapons with zombie guts.

Negan’s Plan Of Attack On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In the comic book, Negan told his people a similar story. At the time, he decided to cover their bullets in walker guts. This way, even if they shot someone in the arm, that person would certainly die. This would have killed both Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes much earlier in the series.

If you haven’t read the comic books, there is a moment when Rick is shot by one of these bullets, but he turns out to be saved because Eugene didn’t actually load up the bullets with walker guts. It’s possible this could also happen on the show, based on the scene that shows Rick Grimes lying next to a tree.

Either way, Eugene may have just put his foot in his mouth. He accidentally gave Negan an even more gruesome plan of attack.

Eugene Accidentally Made Things Worse

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Eugene’s suggestion of catapulting walker guts over the fence was more gruesome than anything else. In the end, it likely wouldn’t have killed anyone. Negan is either going to have all of his people cover their weapons in guts or send over walker limbs with knives sticking out of them to infect anyone hit.

There’s somewhat of a problem with this logic, however. After all, Morgan has likely killed a walker with his spear and then stabbed a man but didn’t kill him. Basically, this plan should have already happened by coincidence, but it hasn’t.

We were somewhat hoping they would skip this plan from the comic, but it looks like we’ll see it used in the next few episodes.

Do you think Eugene will be able to save Rick and company? Did Negan already forget about the death of Carl Grimes (read here)?

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