3In one of the new Duck Dynasty episodes, we see Willie trying to run his restaurant. Keyword: trying. Willie now needs your support.

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In season 11 episode 10, we get a look at how things took a turn for the worst at Willie’s Duck Diner. On a night that supposed to be family and friends only to test out new menu items, random people started showing up. Chaos ensues.

However, after that episode ran, the diner closed. Why? And is it permanent?

“The diner will reopen soon with a new menu and new Robertson Family Recipes,” says the website. As of February 3, 2017, the restaurant is still closed.

We don’t yet know what will be on the new menu, but if it’s anything like the previous menu, it’s bound to be delectable. The last menu made public included Sadie’s Bacon & Cheese Fries (for $7.95), Ms. Kay’s Meatloaf (for $12.95), Jase’s Frog Legs (for $15.95), and Phil’s Swamp Catch, which is duck strips, gator meat, shrimp, and crawfish (for $14.95).

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