Penny and Sheldon Face-off

Image result for the recollection dissipation penny and sheldonphoto by This week’s TBBT showcased some great witty banter between Penny and Sheldon. We’ve watched their relationship blossom over ten years. They’ve gone from unlikely neighbors to great friends. This week’s episode showed just how far they’ve come in their relationship. And yes, they’re still insulting each other in their famous lighthearted way.

Penny never misses an opportunity to point out the geekiness of the men in her life, and the Recollection Dissipation was no exception.

Penny: Uh oh, someone’s got two dates to the nerd prom.

Sheldon: For your information the summer conference on allgebraic topology at Cal Tech is nerd prom.

Penny Keeps Her Mouth Shut

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After so many years of asking questions she really didn’t want the answer to, Penny finally admitted she’s given up trying to understand some of Sheldon’s logic.

Sheldon: I had an accident at work. I slid and fell on my soup sack.

Penny: You know, there was a time when I’d say, “What’s a soup sack?” I’m glad we’re past that.

Once again Penny exemplified how she has grown accustomed to the strange ways of Sheldon and friends. This exchange was a fun throwback. It reminded fans of how far Penny and Sheldon have come, and some of their more classic earlier interactions.

Penny: There was a time when I’d say ‘God bless you.’ and you’d say, ‘If you must evoke an imaginary diety, how about Thor?’ and I’d say, ‘how do you know I didn’t mean Thor?’ and you would say, ‘touche.’ And that there ends the tale of why I no longer say God bless you.

Penny Knows Sheldon Too Well

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Lastly, we loved how well Penny now knows Sheldon. She can predict exactly how his body will react to certain situations.

Penny: We’ll just pretend that you didn’t catch a cold while watching Frozen.

Sheldon: That didn’t happen.

Penny: You also ot a nosebleed watching Up.

Awww don’t you just love these two? Penny and Sheldon are the best kind of friends.

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