4 Amazing Things Carl Grimes Did On His Last Day On Earth


When Carl Grimes learned he didn’t have much time left, he ironically accepted his fate quickly and lived his final hours to the fullest. As Bright Eyes performed “At the Bottom of Everything,” Carl went around to tie up some loose ends.

Safety For Saddiq Under Alexandria

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

First, he made sure to hide Saddiq until he could make a proper introduction. This was so his new friend could be safe and so could his people. Carl showed his new friend where to hide so he could be safe from walkers and Rick Grimes’ gun.

“It’s just until I can talk to my dad,” said Carl Grimes. In the sewer, he brought his new friend a cot, candles, and some food.

Carl Grimes Wrote Letters To Everyone

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“What about Michonne?” asked Carl to the man keeping watch. In an effort to say goodbye to everyone, Carl first tried to find his family and friends. When he realized they may not make it back in time, he wrote them all letters. Michonne’s night may have inspired him to do this.

Making Lasting Memories With Judith

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Perhaps the most important thing Carl Grimes did was spend time with his little sister. Together, they made handprints on the porch, took a selfie, and simply smiled as they enjoyed the sunlight. Basically, Carl enjoyed the little things. He also shared a “Big Cat” with Saddiq on his last day.

Carl Left A Legacy Behind

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In one quick shot, it looked like Carl Grimes was planting a tree. Since he was outside the gate, this could have been some sort of plant, since we know Maggie is also planting plants outside of the walls of Hilltop.

Either way, the idea was to do something that would leave a legacy. In addition to the tree, everything else he did had the same principle behind it. The last thing he did was send a message to Negan and his dad, Rick Grimes.

In the finale, we know that Carl spoke to Negan about the current circumstances. The boy essentially outgrew Negan in this moment. He asked him if this is what he really wanted, which clearly shook the leader of the Saviors.

With his dad, he pushed the message of peace. Hopefully, Rick Grimes will find a way to honor his son but also take down Negan.

What did you think of this emotional scene on The Walking Dead?

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