Sheldon Cooper Had A Lot Of Enemies…

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBSYoung Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

The new series Young Sheldon is telling fans a lot more info on their favorite physics nerd. Sheldon Cooper was surprisingly similar to his present-day self back in 1980s East Texas. Then again, so was his entire family.

Not long ago, The Big Bang Theory introduced Sheldon Cooper sister, which the boys immediately had a crush on. None of the guys could really even speak to Sheldon’s sister, because of how attractive she was.

Back in the day, things were more complicated between the two.

Sheldon Cooper Sister Hated Him

prequelThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the first scene of the Young Sheldon premiere, he’s playing with his train set. Sheldon gets wound up before dinner and is almost late for the meal. His sister threatens him by telling her brother she’s going to lick his toothbrush.

For those unfamiliar with the boy’s quirky behaviors, he’s still a bit of a germ-o-phobe. Back then, he even wears mittens to avoid touching his brother and father’s hands for evening grace.

Jim Parsons, who voices the elder Sheldon Cooper, reminds us that his sister has licked his toothbrush before.

Asking Questions During Church

This, unfortunately, isn’t the only threat for the boy. At dinner, he agrees to go to church with his mom even though he’s not a believer. Their mother then tells the sister she’ll also be going.

While in church, Sheldon Cooper can’t help but ask questions about the Preacher’s many statements. He feels like many of the rules do not apply to a nine-year-old. In many ways, he’s even correct.

However, when asked about evil thoughts, his sister certainly does have a few. She threatens to kick him between the legs during church. Sheldon’s rebuttal is that he is too young for the injury to take affect.

It’s unclear what’s next for Young Sheldon Cooper, but it’s likely that his sister will continue to cause him problems. Hopefully, he will at least keep his toothbrush out of harm’s way.

What did you think of the premiere of Young Sheldon on CBS?

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