Mayim Bialik’s Christmas Movie

Image result for mayim bialik lifetime moviephoto by Mayim Bialik is outspoken about all things in her life. In particular, she is very open about her faith and religious practices. Most recently her Passover cleaning schedule went viral for its organization overload. That’s why it’s so surprising that her first leading role in a movie was actually a part of a Lifetime Christmas movie. So how does a woman who’s never celebrated Christmas feel about starring in a Santa Claus type movie?

She’s Never Celebrated Christmas Before

Mayim told that she had only celebrated Christmas in a cultural sense with her ex-in-laws. She said, “Being in a Christmas movie was a little bit strange for me. I’ve never celebrated Christmas myself; I come from a traditional Jewish home where we did not celebrate Christmas. I have celebrated Christmas with my sons’ grandparents who are not Jewish.”

Lifetime Producers and Directors Were Understanding

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It seems that Lifetime was totally on board with Mayim’s background. She explained that she was never asked to do anything she would be uncomfortable or unfamiliar with. The stylists even dressed her in blue to nod to her Jewish heritage. Mayim explained, “They didn’t have me take communion, for example, or anything I literally have no clue how to do.”

Kid Friendly

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Mayim admitted that this movie was the first time she allowed her kids to watch her on TV. While we don’t consider The Big Bang Theory to be all that inappropriate, apparently Mayim does not allow her children to watch the famous series. The Christmas movie is entirely family-friendly and great for all ages. 

Lots of Firsts

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Mayim admitted this project was groundbreaking for her in many ways. She listed, “first time as a lead, first time doing a Christmas movie, first time with a former model leading actor playing opposite me, first time doing a Lifetime movie, first time I’ll let my kids watch me on TV.” Wow, that’s a lot of firsts!

Did you see Mayim Bialik’s Christmas movie?

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