All The Reasons Why “Big Scary U” On TWD Is The Best Episode Of Season 8


First of all, “Big Scary U” has the highest rating on IMDB so far. There’s more than one reason why it’s the best episode of TWD Season 8 so far. Not only do we catch up with Negan and Gabriel, but we also see a tribute to Glenn Rhee and a fight with Rick and Daryl.

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“I saw you stop for that Gregory idiot,” said Negan. “Why would you stop for that bearded prick?” Father Gabriel then reveals he’s most scared of a fruitless death, which comes back to his prayer for purpose in the opening of the episode.

“Big Scary U” is also amazing because we get to hear Negan’s backstory and confession.

Negan Pays Tribute In TWD Season 8

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Next, we get to see a brief tribute to Glenn Rhee. During Negan’s meeting, he reminds his troops that their plan is to kill the right people in the wrong way. This is why he killed Glenn and Abraham.

Both deaths were done in the most dramatic way. Those killings were both necessary to get Rick Grimes in order. In addition to this reminder of Glenn’s goodness, we also see Negan and Father Gabriel dress in walker guts.

This was a tribute to the first time Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee met. Finally, we get to see a master fight between Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.

Growing Tensions On TWD Season 8

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There has been some tension growing over the past four episodes between Daryl and Rick. In “Big Scary U,” this tension reaches a breaking point. These men simply do not agree on how to win the war.

Like Jesus and Tara, there is a debate as to whether or not to kill everyone. Before the war, it would appear that Rick Grimes would be on board to kill everyone. But thanks to Baby Gracie and Morales, he’s second-guessing his intentions.

Now, when the duo finds dynamite, they need to discuss what to do with it. Daryl Dixon wants to take it to the Sanctuary, blow up the gate, and let in the walkers. But, Rick knows this will kill innocent workers or it could turn them against them.

Daryl wants to defy Rick and it leads to a fistfight.

What did you think of this fight between Rick and Daryl?


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