Big Bang Theory Season 10

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 has brought laughs, tears, and even a new baby to the TBBT gang. With just two episodes left til the season finale, we figured it’s a good idea to look back on what’s transpired. Here are 7 of the best quotes of The Big Bang Theory Season 10…So far. 

The Conjugal Conjecture

In the first episode of Season 10, The Conjugal Conjecture, Leonard and Penny had their second wedding. The couple’s families presence at the ceremony made for some pretty awkward interactions. 

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Stuart: Nice to see you again Dr. Hofstadter. I’m uh, Leonard’s friend Stuart.

Beverly Hofstadter: Nice to see you, too.

Stuart: (to Alfred) Hi, I’m Stuart.

Alfred Hofstadter: Oh, I’m Alfred, Leonard’s father.

Stuart: Oh. Oh, hi. Uh. I’m sorry. Did you two want to sit together?

Together: No.

Stuart: I was wondering why the first row was available.

The Brain Bowl Incubation

In the Brain Bowl Incubation episodeAmy combines her’s and Sheldon’s DNA. When the experiment goes well Sheldon is suddenly excited about reproducing with Amy.

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Sheldon: And you realize what the next step is?

Amy: Set up a second culture and try to replicate our results.

Sheldon: Uh, no. We lock that door, lower our underpants a little and make a baby.

Amy: Make a baby? What are you talking about?

Sheldon: Clearly the combination of our DNA is exceptional. Eh…Our child could be the next step in the evolution of mankind. We-we we’ll be able to get into any preschool we want.

The Emotion Detection Automation

In the 14th episode of The Emotion Detection, Automation Raj rallies up his ex-girlfriends to create a focus group about his relationship short-comings. Of course, this is uncomfortable for everyone involved.

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Sheldon: Of course you’re fine. Not every member of a species finds a mate. Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin. Look at the contributions he made.

Raj: I’m not a virgin, Sheldon.

Sheldon: Wha- So now you think you’re better than Isaac Newton?

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