AMC Announces Official Walking Dead Cartoon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Fans of The Walking Dead franchise have spent seven years watching Andrew Lincoln play Rick Grimes on AMC, but now there’s a new Sheriff coming to town to tackle the Georgian zombie slayer.

Image Comics is going back to 2003 to bring their monthly comic, The Walking Dead, back to life. This cartoon will definitely not be for kids, but after AMC released a version on their YouTube channel, they’ve decide to pursue the cartoon.

We’re going to see Robert Kirkman’s story in it’s original black and white form.

More Death, More Decay, More Maniacs…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Movie Pilot reports:

“Robert Kirkman’s brilliant story is there in all its black and white glory, with AMC promising to turn the first six issues into the “Days Gone Bye” arc. The video was originally uploaded back in 2012, but it looks like AMC is officially kick-starting the series again and this time for keeps.”

“You can marvel in Phil LaMarr’s uncompromisingly graphic artwork, so if the channel continues to adapt all of the issues, prepare for some of the most violent events ever to grace our computer screens. More death, more decay, and more eyepatch-wearing, bat-wielding, dick-biting maniacs.”

Kirkman’s Comic More Graphic Than Series

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Kirkman’s show has occasionally hit roadblocks with fans for veering off too far from the comic, while others want to see the show veer away. Regardless, this new cartoon is going to be just like the comic book.

With 166 issues to work from already in print, The Walking Dead cartoon is a great way for the network to cash in on the hype from the franchise. The show is violent, but if the cartoon is just like the comic, it’ll take violence to a new level.

The deaths are more graphic, but the only real problem is that for fans who aren’t familiar with the comic, there’s no Daryl Dixon in this undead world.

Are you excited to see the pages of the comic come to life?

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