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In honor of ten years of Big Bang Theory we’re looking back over some of our favorite Big Bang episodes through the years. We’ve hand picked some of our fan favorite plot lines, twists, and comedic moments.

Two reasons The Pinata Polarization is great: One, Sheldon and Penny start a war between each other, and two, Raj and Howard seek out America’s Next Top Model Contestants. Both situations are cause for some great comedy all around.

The episode begins with Penny running into Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment to watch American Next Top Model. Howard ends up making disgusting sexist remarks about the models, so Penny decides to leave, and actually pay her own cable bill.

Penny eventually returns, only to realize that Howard and Raj have figured out where the girls on the show are staying. She also eats one of Sheldon’s onion rings, and he tells her she now has three strikes. As she sits in his coveted “spot” he is enraged, and banishes her from the apartment.

The next day at the Cheesecake Factory Penny refuses to take Sheldon’s order, until her manager forces her to. However, she assures Sheldon he won’t want to eat it. A war begins. Sheldon changes the wifi security settings so Penny can’t use it. Penny then decides to intercept Sheldon’s special laundry day, enraging him. 

Penny then finds her underwear and laundry strung up on a telephone pole. Eventually Leonard ends the madness by calling Mary Cooper. Mary gives Sheldon some strong choice words, leading him to apologize and call a truce.

Meanwhile, Howard and Raj somehow sweet talk their way into the model’s house, and even find a few “future Mrs. Wolowitz”s. 

Favorite Quotes

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Our favorite quotes from this episode:

Sheldon: You know, I do recall seeing some female undergarments. Where was that? Oh, yes, earlier this evening. I happened to gaze out the window and a brassiere caught my eye.  Do those look familiar?

Penny: How the hell did you get them up on that telephone wire?

Sheldon: When you understand the laws of physics, Penny, anything is possible. And may I add, mwah-ha-ha!

Penny: Get them down.

Sheldon: Apologize.

Penny: Never.

Sheldon: Well, then may I suggest you get a very long stick and play panty piñata.

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