A famous duck hunter just got caught for illegal hunting practices.

HuntingWilliam Saiff III with two ducks he hunted — possibly some of the last ducks he’ll be hunting for a while (photo via WWNY) In Syracuse, New York, William Saiff III, a well-known outdoors TV personality, got caught killing ducks using illegal hunting methods. He used to host the popular hunting and shooting show Cabin Country on public TV stations across the country, reports NewYorkUpstate.com.

He will have to pay a $5,000 fine as well as serve his probation. He also lost his state hunting and guiding privileges until January 1, 2019. Also, the court ordered him to make charitable donations equaling $10,000 to non-profit wildlife organizations of his choosing.

But the worst punishment might be that he has to run half-page ads in two different local publications with his apology.


Why though? What did he do?

HuntingWilliam Saiff III showing off a fish he caught (although we cannot confirm if he caught this legally or not — he’s been known to break hunting laws). (photo via topsy.one)

Well, he had taken a hunting party over a baited pond, meaning he had placed bait under the water to attract more ducks.

He had previously installed an underwater trough at this particular pond. In that trough, he put corn. 

Investigators discovered the hidden trough, but it was after Saiff and his hunting party had killed several protected birds.

And this wasn’t just a one-time thing. He did this multiple times.

This is a lesson all hunters can learn from: don’t do illegal stuff! 

If you do, you could lose your license, pay a big fine, and — worst of all — you might have to take out an ad in your local paper, publicly apologizing for your actions.

Check out Saiff and his crew lying in a field hunting ducks.




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