Andrew Lincoln Shows Off “The Worm…”

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit EW

Fans and cast alike lost it at the New York Comic Con when Andrew Lincoln busted out his dance moves. While the fans shouting “Dance, Dance, Dance,” Lincoln stood up. The moves were quick and ended with “The Worm…”

In the short clip from YouTuber Blek Spoder, fans can also watch actor Tom Payne lose it when Lincoln drops to the floor. The commentator then jokes that the Rick Grimes actor is “Out for Season 8…”

A moment later, commentator Chris Hardwick jokes Lincoln went into “clowning” full time. Melissa McBride and Jeffrey Dean Morgan clap behind the dance.

Major News “Drops” At The NYCC

In addition to the hilariousness of British actor Andrew Lincoln dancing on stage, lots of other things dropped at the big event. Some of the major incidents include a TWD and FTWD crossover and a new clip from Season 8 of the zombie drama.

Robert Kirkman told fans there will finally be a crossover between the two shows but he didn’t say how or when. Some fans believe that Kim Dickens and Rick Grimes are actually siblings, but nothing has been confirmed.

More than likely, we’ll see a fallen TWD cast member on FTWD.

New Clip Released After TWD Panel

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Another major bomb dropped included a clip of Carl Grimes. In the clip from the 100th episode, Rick Grimes’ son was in a similar situation as Rick in the pilot. With his Sheriff’s hat on, the boy ran out of gas.

Like the pilot episode, he finds something he’s nothing looking for at a gas station. Where Sheriff Rick found a zombie girl, Carl Grimes found a man who has lost his mind. While it was proven, we believe this voice will be Abbud.

Abbud is a new character in the undead universe. He’s based on a comic character named Sadiq from Robert Kirkman’s comic by the same name. Since this character mentioned the Quran in his rant, it’ll likely be Abbud.

What do you think of Andrew Lincoln’s dance moves?

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