The First Behind The Scenes Photos From Young Sheldon Are Here!


Young Sheldon, the Sheldon spin-off series we’ve been waiting for, has finally released an epic trailer and a great schedule for the Fall of 2017. Fans even got to catch a glimpse of the cast at the CBS Upfronts presentation this week.

Upfronts are traditionally presentations of the new Fall schedule from TV networks. These days an entire presentation is created, including the cast and talent behind the new shows. Last week the cast of Young Sheldon gathered together to celebrate their new time slot.

Jim Parsons wrote, “Backstage is cramped but full of love <3” at the presentation. The cast, including Iain Armitage- an NYC native, and Zoe Perry, gathered at Carnegie Hall in midtown New York on Tuesday. 

Here we go…! #youngsheldon #cbsupfront @iainlovestheatre

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Jim also shared this photo of Iain posing as a younger version of his character. The photo comes from the official trailer of the series. It seems he and Iain get along very well. Jim will be recording voice overs for the show, narrating as an older Sheldon recalling his childhood memories. 

Iain posted this adorable photo of the pair on stage at Carnegie Hall. He, or perhaps his mom, wrote, “How wonderful to look up to the people you look up to! Thank you, @therealjimparsons for the example of your kindness and generosity. Not sure who deserves credit for this photo, but thank you!”

The Young Sheldon Trailer

The Young Sheldon trailer was also released with the upfronts schedule and featured Zoe Perry playing a younger version of Laurie Metcalf’s Mary Cooper. Judging from the trailer the show will be much more family friendly than Big Bang Theory. It has a Wonder Years vibe to it, and although it is a comedy, seems to be more sincere and dramatic at moments. 

Young Sheldon is set to follow The Big Bang Theory in the fall. It will air Thursday nights right after it’s mother series. This coveted spot will hopefully bring in loyal fans.

Will you be watching Young Sheldon, the Sheldon spin-off series?

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