Jesus-Actor Talks Season 8 At Walker Stalker Con

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC The cast behind The Walking Dead continue to show their excitement for the new scripts behind Season 8, which they have just recently begun to film. It’s likely they’ve already shot a few episodes, but little information has been shared so far.

Actor Tom Payne who plays Jesus on the show has finally given fans a little more information about what to expect when the series returns in October. Payne spoke at a panel at Walker Stalkers Con over the weekend.

Payne said the series is going to pull off something never seen before.

Payne Says First Few Episodes “Amazing”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Instagram

Tom Payne told fans at Comic Con:

“I think Season 8, that we’re getting into now, it’s completely different, first of all. I always told myself I wouldn’t say what I’ve heard other cast members say every other year, which is, ‘Oh, the next season is gonna be this! And the new episode is so many superlatives and so many words you use!’ And I’m like, ‘Come on, you can’t say the same things every year!’”

“But then I had to bite my tongue and says, ‘Well, actually…’ Season 8, the first few episodes are out of this world amazing. We’ve all been getting them and going, ‘Wow, okay we thought that was amazing!’ and then the next episode is amazing. The audience is going to be very happy with the direction we’re taking. We’re all really happy.”

Season 8 Of Walking Dead Reveals “Iconic Sequences”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Greg Nicotero

Payne went on to say that some of the films “are some of the best that have ever been shot.” In one sequence, the actor believes is “one of the iconic sequences in the show [which has] never happened before.”

“I’m super excited,” confirmed the actor. “It’s a sequence that was shot which has never happened before in the show and I’m really excited to see it myself and for the audiences to see it.”

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