Workhorse Johnny Galecki And Our Favorite Series TBBT Are Ready To Take A Rest


There hasn’t been an official end date for The Big Bang Theory, but it’s clearly not too far away. Leonard actor Johnny Galecki has described his lack of sleep and workhorse mentality, but he too is ready to slow down and see more of his family.

“The only manner in which the cast has discussed wrapping the show has been that we’re all going to be very sad when that day comes,” said Johnny Galecki. “But I think at this point everyone is very comfortable with 12 seasons being a good time to go home and see our families.”

Even if CBS decides to close out the series, all of the stars are quite busy with other projects.

Johnny Galecki Looks Beyond The Big Bang Theory

Roseanne Reboot | Photo Credit ABC

ABC is currently rebooting Roseanne. For the first season, Johnny Galecki will guest star in the reprisal role of David. But Galecki is too busy to be in more episodes at this point with his The Big Bang Theory schedule.

However, if The Big Bang Theory came to an end with Season 12, he could hypothetically move to a reoccurring role on the reboot. This, of course, would depend on ratings for the reboot.

But Galecki is attached to another series in addition to Roseanne

“I’ve Always Been A Workhorse…”

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Larry King

“I don’t sleep a lot but that’s OK. I’ve always been a workhorse,” he said. “The production side is a very different muscle.” Other than his acting work, he’s also going to be producing a show called Living Biblically. The new show is also going to be on CBS.

Since Roseanne is on a different network, there are complications with doing dual reoccurring roles. “It’s a different network,” he added. “And it was probably most uncomfortable only to me because obviously ‘Big Bang’ is my home and my family.”

The actor added, “But I probably wouldn’t have been on ‘Big Bang’ if it hadn’t been for ‘Roseanne.’ So there were just the politics to be considerate about, but everyone was very supportive.”

In the end, things worked out, if only for an episode. Fans of both shows are looking forward to the second half of Big Bang Season 11 as well as the first season of the new Roseanne (formerly, there were nine other seasons).

“If they come back next year on Roseanne and do another eight or nine [episodes] I would love to do more than one next year,” said actor Johnny Galecki.

Are you looking forward to the Roseanne reboot on ABC?