With two Duck Dynasty weddings under the Robertsons’ belt in the past two years, it’s interesting to see what the famous family has to say about marriage.

A (Very) Young Affair

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Both John Luke Robertson and Reed Robertson have been married within almost one year of each other. The two young men are sons of Willie Robertson and Jase Robertson, respectively. John Luke was just 19 when he wed Mary Kate McEacharn on national television. Reed was only 21 when he married Brighton Thompson this past October. Both pairs are high school sweethearts. This is a trend in the Robertson family; Phil Robertson and Miss Kay had admitted to being only 16 when they originally tied the knot. Willie and Korie Robertson were only 18 and 19 when they wed. The other couples in the family have similar stories.

John Luke Speaks Out

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John Luke addressed the age dilemma in a blog post after proposing to Mary Kate. His blog is entitled “Young and Beardless,” and is quite popular with his young fanbase. When discussing he and Mary Kate’s age, he states, “Some people say we are too young. I have heard all the stories and all the advice. I have come to the conclusion that a lasting marriage does not depend on when you get married. A lasting marriage depends on how forgiving you are and how much you love God Almighty.” The newly wed couple chose to air their wedding on a Duck Dynasty episode. Due to the enormous amount of marital experience in their family, they can be seen being given lots of advice on the series.  

Missy Speaks Out

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Missy Robertson had a similar message when she spoke out about her son’s wedding in her own blog post. Missy is the wife of Duck Commander employee Jase Robertson. Her blog post entitled, “I love you, But Stay Out!” shares advice for her eldest son. She recalls her father telling her once she was married she could no longer live in his house.  Although this seemed harsh, she goes on to explain that he meant she must work out all her issues with Jase. The couple has over 25 years of marriage experience.

A Whirlwind of Excitement

Missy also spoke on the whirlwind of excitement a young wedding can bring. She warned of the “harsh dose of reality,” that marriage can bring. She continues, “what is left are two people coming from two different backgrounds from two different families with two different sets of baggage, habits, and quirks, and we have to figure out how to make it work.”

A Biblical Message

The family agrees that a strong marriage is based on the Lord.  They have often quoted Genesis 2:18.  The verse reads, ““God said, ‘It is not good for the Man to be alone. I’ll make him a helper, a companion.’”

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