Will Jim Parsons Fall Victim To Typecasting?


Will Jim Parsons always be typecast as a geeky, awkward guy? 

We’ve seen this time and time again – actors who make a memorable impression or give a stellar performance in one particular role falling victim to typecasting. Like one of those ‘one-hit-wonder’ bands, they will always be playing the same guy (or girl), just in different movies or TV series. Is there a reason to think Jim Parsons will play a Sheldon Cooper type of guy in all of his work?

Jim Parsons, eluniversal.com.mx
Jim Parsons, eluniversal.com.mx

It’s reasonable to believe

If Jim Parsons’ role as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory is the only area you’ve ever seen him perform, you may think he’s doomed.

But while many think of him as a ‘one-hit-wonder,’ he is truly a classy actor. Parsons is a stage-trained performer who’s been in plays since the age of six. He has won four Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, a Critics Choice Television Award and a Television Critics Association honor for playing Sheldon Cooper. While at the University of Houston, he appeared in 17 plays in 3 years. After graduation he moved to NY, working on off-Broadway and in Television appearances. This is a guy with an actor’s pedigree, not just someone who got lucky to land a role in a hit series.

Is he going to pursue different roles in the future?

It’s hard to say. The intention is clearly there, take the “Act of God” play, for example. A comedic play by David Javerbaum where Jim Parsons plays none other than God himself. Okay, you might think “Well, this is clearly a different role than that of a science nerd!”. This might be true unless you take into account Sheldon Cooper’s character and personality. We won’t go as far as saying megalomaniacal complex, but there’s definitely a hint of the superiority complex in him! And no wonder – Sheldon is a genius, after all. 

And if the Broadway gig won’t work – there’s always live TV! Jim Parsons has hosted Saturday Night Live two years ago (alongside Beck) and did a pretty great job! So, maybe there’s a chance to see him as a host of some game show in the future.  

In his bid to take a break from the character imposed on him, Jim Parsons starred in a 2014 drama film by Ryan Murphy. Ryan Murphy was instrumental in such shows as Glee and American Horror Story. With the film getting positive critic feedback Jim Parsons was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Awards. 

Time to think of future roles?

With the fate of The Big Bang Theory currently in a state of limbo – the cast probably should revisit their resumes. With an array of great performances in feature films, Broadway and TV series, Jim Parsons will be on our screens in the near future. And as it looks right now – not as a geeky scientist who gets a hard time communicating with fellow human beings, but as a more profound and intricate character that Parsons has showcased in his recent works.