Jim Parson’s Texas Roots

Image result for the recollection dissipation cowboyphoto by thebigbangtheory.com Jim Parsons is from Texas, just like his onscreen character Sheldon. Through the years Sheldon’s upbringing in Texas has been discussed. His family has also appeared on the show, donning Southern accents and Texas worldviews. This week Parson’s hometown roots once again slipped into The Big Bang Theory in a super hilarious way.

Jim’s Birthplace

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Jim was born in St Joseph’s hospital in Houston Texas. It was in Texas that he began acting. He has said of his very first role, ” “I fully connected with the role I was playing and started to truly understand what it meant to be honest on stage.” Parsons also graduated from the University of Houston.

Jim has said he isn’t sure if Sheldon was modeled after himself, but he can’t imagine the matching birth places are a coincidence. Sheldon was born in Galveston Texas, in a Kmart with a twin sister. His southern roots have often come to play in funny scenes in Big Bang Theory. When Sheldon is drinking he often pulls out a Texas accent. He also knows a lot about the Bible and church having been raised Evangelical Christian.

This Week’s TBBT Episode

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In this week’s TBBT episode Sheldon’s Texas roots once again came out. In a weird twist of events, Sheldon found himself in a Cowboy bar. After stretching himself too thin between products, Sheldon fell ill. He took cold medicine, which is apparently a huge no-no for him.

He awoke surrounded by his friends unsure of where he was. Apparently he had blacked out the entire day, and also lost his notebook filled with classified information. Raj helped Sheldon track his notebook to the local Cowboy bar. Apparently Sheldon had made quite a splash there earlier in the day.

Fitting In

Image result for sheldon cowboy hatphoto by pinterest.com

Sheldon was using a southern accent, line dancing, and buying rounds for everyone in the bar. He also happened to share the classified science information with everyone, but don’t worry they pinky swore not to tell. It was looked like a good fun time, and we’re sure Jim Parsons loved acting it out.

Do you enjoy when Jim Parson’s southern roots come out in The Big Bang Theory?

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